LastPass Authenticator

Don’t you use 2FA (second factor authentication)? You should start NOW to ensure your safety! Here is the best app for it.

Play store link

LastPass Password Manager

It is a honor for me to have significant work in the best password manager on the market. Do you know that it can fill your generated and uniqe passwords in websites or even in other apps on your phone?

Play store link

Breaks – Healthy at the office

Originally I made it for personal use only but finally released it on Play Store. This app notifies you it is time to have a break, take a walk or drink something. Of course you do not have to administrate your moves manually. Breaks app can recognize that automatically by checking the senors of your mobile device.
Pro version (available as in-app purchase) can help you to drink enough in the office. Did you know that most people do not drink enough a day?!

Play store link

Positive News Reader

My latest hobby project. Originally I made it for personal use only but finally I decided to release it officially. I hope its unique features will be useful for others.

Play store link


As a full-time job I’m working on it. One of the best remote control client.

Play store link


Are you an F1 fan? Download this app (sorry but it is available only in Hungarian): Play store link

This app uses an app engine made by me. It can be configured by content providers and downloads everything.

Mobile ANPR

Automatic Number Plate Recognition for smartphones and other mobile devices. With our library you can easily extend your Android, iOS, Windows Phone or any desktop Java application with ANPR functions. You just need to pass the image data and the library returns the result as a string. How could it be simpler? To receive information about licensing or request a functional but limited library please contact us:


This flight search client is my most complex and useful application. Don’t travel until you check this out:

Traffic Club

This is an absolutely free and anonym, easy-to-use, social traffic information system. Users can share alerts such as traffic jams, accident or speed controls.
Now the application is available on Android and iPhone devices in Hungary but new versions and platforms will be issued soon. More information and download:


This is a mobile client  for, the famous German sport portal. Main  features:

  • Sport news
  • Diashows
  • Videos
  • Live infos and goal alerts
  • Spectacular, award-winning user interface
  • Supports runtime screen orientation changing


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