LastPass Authenticator

Don’t you use 2FA (second factor authentication)? You should start NOW to ensure your safety! Here is the best app for it.

Play store link

LastPass Password Manager

It is a honor for me to have significant work in the best password manager on the market. Do you know that it can fill your generated and uniqe passwords in websites or even in other apps on your phone?

Play store link


As a full-time job I’m working on it. One of the best remote control client.

Play store link


The client app for one of the most popular weather portal of Hungary. In 2013 it awarded the app of the year prize of Smartmobile conference. I wrote the first publicated version of the application completely.

iOS AppStore link


Are you an F1 fan? Download this app (sorry but it is available only in Hungarian): Play store link

This app uses an app engine made by me. It can be configured by content providers and downloads everything.


This flight search client is my most complex and useful application. Don’t travel until you check this out:


Would you like to open a Mummy on your iPad? Just download this free app:

Traffic Club

This is an absolutely free and anonym, easy-to-use, social traffic information system. Users can share alerts such as traffic jams, accident or speed controls.
Now the application is available on Android and iPhone devices in Hungary but new versions and platforms will be issued soon. More information and download:

VZ mobile client

A Java mobile client for studiVZ, meinVZ and schülerVZ, the famous German global social networking websites. Main features:

  • Messaging
  • Browsing and creating mobile photo albums
  • Personal alerts (eg. on birthdays)
  • Integrated chat functionality
  • The whole application is based on a modified version of Sun’s LWUIT framework on my own
  • Distributed as bundle software on LG devices in Germany

More information and download: (more…)

INVITO Mobile Client

INVITO is a mobile content management and decision support tool for BlackBerry devices. With INVITO you will be informed about your important tasks and to make the best decision you can browse or search documents in your company’s Content Menagement System (eg. EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, Java Content Repository based solutions, Microsoft SharePoint Portal, OpenText ECM Suite, etc.), then download, view or edit and upload them.
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