VZ mobile client

A Java mobile client for studiVZ, meinVZ and schülerVZ, the famous German global social networking websites. Main features:

  • Messaging
  • Browsing and creating mobile photo albums
  • Personal alerts (eg. on birthdays)
  • Integrated chat functionality
  • The whole application is based on a modified version of Sun’s LWUIT framework on my own
  • Distributed as bundle software on LG devices in Germany

More information and download: www.vz.net (more…)


This is a mobile client  for SPOX.com, the famous German sport portal. Main  features:

  • Sport news
  • Diashows
  • Videos
  • Live infos and goal alerts
  • Spectacular, award-winning user interface
  • Supports runtime screen orientation changing



Mobiaccess is a multiplatform mobile developement framework. First I was one of the developers then I managed the mobiaccess division at InfomatiX Ltd. Though I left the company in 2009 but the mobiaccess is active and continously improved. For more information please visit the official site of this great product at http://www.mobiaccess.net.Zou can download the framework free of charge.

Absolute Graffity

Spray as much graffity on the wall as you can! Jump up and down through the moving gaps but don’t hit your head because you will loose power.
The game is over if you finish with the wall, loose all your power or pass 3 minutes.
Your result is made up from the size of graffity and the time. (more…)


The well-known game from the pubs. (more…)
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